Wine Pairing for a Pizza Buffet


Traditionally, in America, beer has been the drink of choice with pizza especially when there is a pizza buffet. But as our culinary tastes are becoming more sophisticated [...]


Tomato Pie in Belmont


A kind of pizza that has its roots in Sicilian food, tomato pie is associated with Sicilian-American populations. Neapolitan pizza, also with roots in Italian cuisine, is more [...]


St. Louis-Style Pizza in Hart


St. Louis Style pizza in Hart is characterized by a thin crust made without yeast, Provel (a processed cheese product) and its slices are square instead of the traditional [...]


Hawaiian Pizza


 Hawaiian pizza, despite its name, did not originate in Hawaii. It commonly consists of the traditional pizza base of tomato and cheese but adds toppings of ham or sausage and [...]


Chicago-Style Gourmet Pizza


Chicago-style gourmet pizza, was, as the name suggests; created in Chicago. It is one of the best-known pizzas varieties, also known as “deep dish”. It has a crust that, [...]


New Haven-Style Pizza in Greenville


Visitors to the New Haven, CT area may have noticed a type of pizza that is locally referred to as “apizza.” This is New Haven-style pizza. Frank Pepe Pizzeria [...]

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