World Pizza Champion

“It all started when we used to have races at the company Christmas parties- back when there was just a handful of B.C. Pizza locations in Northern Michigan. I realized then I had this special talent,” David Whisker recalls. With 26 years working for B.C. Pizza, he certainly has made his share of pizzas, and folded even more pizza boxes.

David began competing in the World Pizza Games in Las Vegas in 2011. He has competed in several events including Fastest Box Folding, Fastest Dough Stretch, Largest Dough Stretch, and the Pizza Triathlon- which is a combination of all three.

So far, his favorite accomplishments have been:

  • 2013 World Pizza Games in Las Vegas: This was the first time David brought home a First Place medal. It was for the Pizza Triathlon, and this was the first year for the event.
  • 2016 World Pizza Games in Las Vegas: David won First Place for Fastest Box Folding, and he was chosen to be a member of the World Pizza Team (
  • 2017 David competed in Parma, Italy with the World Pizza Team. Then in June, 2017- he helped build the World’s Longest Pizza (about 1.3 miles) in Fontana, CA
  • 2019 U.S. Pizza Games in Columbus, Ohio: David won First Place for Fastest Box Folding in a competition that was broadcast on ESPN.