BC Pizza - The hometown, handmade, gourmet pizza
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The Pizza Industry, slice by slice. In the US alone: 100 acres of pizza eaten every day, 93% eat pizza at least once a month, $38.5 billion in annual sales, 73,097 pizza restaurants, 35% eat pizza every week.


People eat more Pizza than just about any other food category. What makes B.C. Pizza so special is, well, our Pizza! But not just our Gourmet, Classic, and “Build Your Own” Pizzas; it’s also the tasty Appetizers and Salads, the mouth-watering Subs, Grinders & Wraps, and of course, our fresh Pastas, Calzones, and deliciously prepared side Specialties.

B.C. Pizza is more than a pizzeria, it’s a feast for the senses, from the eye appealing presentations, to the tempting aromas, to the tantalizing blend of tastes and textures. Eating at B.C. Pizza is like going to a Roman feast. And that’s the best distinction between B.C. Pizza and anyone else in the business—our Food.

We know you have choices to make when deciding what business you want for yourself, and we appreciate the opportunity to tell you about ours. We can’t tell you everything you need to know right here, but it will help you determine if what we offer makes sense to you and is worth your serious consideration. Buying any business is a life-changing decision, and we want to assist you in evaluating our mutual expectations and goals.

You’ve heard it before, “Work to live, don’t live to work.” We try to make that a reality with a balance for work, family and play. It’s a lifestyle decision we hope you might share with us once you understand what we do and how we do it. We believe you can enjoy both your work and your lifestyle with a B.C. Pizza franchise of your own.

We have a well-developed system, a proven track record, and a menu that pleases our customers. We know real business is real work, and you already know there are no “free lunches.” What we offer you is our name, our system, our support and our philosophy, too.

A B.C. Pizza franchise is a real opportunity with great potential for the right person. Thanks for considering us for your business future.

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