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BC Pizza Franchise FAQ

How long from the time I apply to the time I open?2017-01-31T14:31:24-05:00

This could take anywhere from three months to a year depending on site availability, health department requirements, financial considerations and the market.

Is previous business experience necessary to obtain a B.C. Pizza franchise?2017-01-31T14:28:14-05:00

Experience is always helpful; however, B.C. Pizza has a complete training program for all new franchisees.

What type of training programs do you offer?2017-01-31T14:28:52-05:00

Training begins about six weeks before your restaurant is ready to open. We’ll train you in one or more of our locations, and you’ll learn our operations and management methods. Then we’ll come to your restaurant to help you train your staff and open for business.

What is the term of my Franchise Agreement?2017-01-31T14:29:26-05:00

The term is 20 years with extensions available.

How does B.C. Pizza market or advertise its franchises?2017-01-31T14:29:57-05:00

B.C. Pizza provides menu flyers to all franchisees. We also maintain the website, which includes detailed menu and location information that customers can access anytime or anywhere.

How is ongoing franchise support provided?2017-05-05T15:44:04-04:00

Franchise Support Representatives stay in contact with franchisees with location visits, telephone calls and email. There is also an annual Franchise Meeting, usually held in December each year. The members-only Franchise Area at is another way franchisees can share information and keep informed with the latest news.

Does B.C. Pizza offer accounting services or referral?2017-01-31T14:30:54-05:00

B.C. Pizza provides pre-opening training in simple bookkeeping. You may hire your own accountant or we can provide a referral to the B.C. Pizza corporate accountant. Services provided by accountants will be at the franchise’s expense.

Contact Us for a Franchise Application or to learn more if you have questions that you were unable to find answers to here on our Franchise FAQ page.

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