Once you’ve reviewed our materials and documents, met with us, and determined that you want your own B.C. Pizza franchise, here’s how we work together:

Territory. We grant an exclusive area to each owner. We’re looking at possible locations throughout your area and beyond, but it’s your business, and your decision. We’ll help you find a territory that fits your plans.
Hands shaking below the BP pizza logo. 
Customer Base. Your customers are all ages, mostly local customers from your neighborhood, extending out and around in a five to ten minute drive pattern. It’s fast casual, and that’s the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. Our pricing makes everyone smile, our food makes them come back.
Location. We will help you work with a good broker to find a suitable location in your territory. That’s the hardest part. We both know you want to get started, but it’s worth waiting for the right location. It may take from six months to a year to find the spot, so patience is a virtue, but it’s worth the effort.
Construction. We’ll assist you with design, ordering and remodeling of your restaurant. Each B.C. Pizza restaurant shares a common theme, but we want to be a “local” place, not a stamped-out copy with plastic plants. It can take two to three months to finish your restaurant, once you’ve started, depending on the building, interior, permits and other considerations.
Training. Your training begins long before your restaurant is ready to open. We’ll train you in one or more of our locations, and you’ll learn our operations and management methods. Then we’ll come to your restaurant to help you train your staff and open for business. It’s hard work, but your enthusiasm, energy, and a good attitude can make it fun, too. Remember, you earn what you learn, and we want you to know it all.
Support. You’re open and running—and we’re there to help as needed. We will provide ongoing field support, not just inspections. Your success is our success, so we’re there to continue to grow and expand our mutual relationship in your own B.C. Pizza.
Thanks for your interest in our franchise program. Come and eat with us soon!
Contact Us for a Franchise Application or to learn more.