BC Pizza Pasta

Enjoy one of our tasty BC pizza pasta dishes below. We have a variety of pasta options to suit every taste. We also give you the “build your own” pasta option so you can really choose a meal that you will fully enjoy. Meet all your pasta cravings with a pasta meal option from our menu today.



Mac & Cheese

Macaroni and Cheesy Cheddar.


Build-Your-Own Oven-Baked Pasta or Lasagna

Choose Pasta Noodles or Lasagna, Red Sauce or Alfredo, and any combination of Pizza Toppings.


Chicken Parmazeti-Alfredo Pasta

This menu item is a great choice if you are looking for a meal the includes a variety of food groups. A delicious combination of Pasta Noodles, Seasoned Chicken, Fresh Tomatoes and Broccoli, all tossed with our Creamy Alfredo Sauce.


Classic Lasagna

Our delicious oven-baked lasagna is served with garlic bread.


Garlic Roll

We have spectacular garlic rolls that can be used as an appetizer or for a side to your salad or pasta. They are accompanied by a scrumptious dipping sauce.

Choose one of our famous BC Pizza pasta options today!